Digital Color Meter Alternative

The Hex Color Picker provides essentially the same functionality as Digital Color Meter I went looking for an alternative to Digital Color Meter (R.I.P.), which Apple destroyed in the Lion update. There doesn't seem to be a stand-alone program that you can download and use, but there is a pretty easy way to get the same functionality back, by adding a hex tab to Apple's built-in color picker. I didn't panic, because I was pretty I'd find a solution. First, you need to download the Hex Color Picker. Don't worry that the "Requirements" don't mention Lion — Leopard & Snow… Continue reading »

Apple Destroyed Digital Color Meter!

OMFG, I just launched Digital Color Meter for the first time since upgrading to Lion. Apple has utterly destroyed it! The old DCM (Snow Leopard and earlier) was an incredibly useful little utility that allowed me to pick up any color from anywhere on the monitor, in any program, and get the hex value for that color. I could lock DCM onto any single pixel with command-L, copy the hex value to the clipboard, and paste it into a CSS file in my text editor. No longer. Apple has removed that cabability. Now I can only get the RGB value.… Continue reading »

Using The App Store App

When Apple introduced Lion, and announced that you had to be running Snow Leopard in order to install Lion, I finally decided to go ahead upgrade my system to Snow Leopard. I had a stable system running under Leopard, so I had been postponing the upgrade, but I don't like getting two major versions behind on anything, particularly my operating system, so with Lion coming out it was time to make the leap. With Snow Leopard, I got the App Store app. At first, I felt like it was just a gimmicky Apple thing, but after purchasing a few software… Continue reading »

Can’t Get The Lion Goodness

Trying to Download the Lion Goodness Apple's new OSX "Lion" operating system is out today. And the App Store is apparently overwhelmed. My Lion download seems to be paused permanently. Also, my Pages and Numbers programs need updating, and I can't get them either. My internet connection is plenty fast, and I can download and upload stuff to and from other sites, so I know it's not that. Oh well, I won't panic just yet, because it doesn't really matter. I don't intend to install Lion on my main work computer anyway. It's going first on my little MacBook Pro… Continue reading » -