Launchpad Kills Muscle Memory

I've been using Launchpad for a couple of months now, and it took me a while to figure out why Launchpad is so difficult to use as an application launcher. It turns out that after I spent all that time initially dragging apps around in Launchpad and getting them arranged in way that suited me, Launchpad on its own moves apps around within the Launchpad screen. What happens is, I drag a particular app to the first spot in the third row in Launchpad. I use Launchpad a few times to launch that app. My mouse hand developed muscle memory… Continue reading »

West Marine Destroys Their Own Datafeed

So.... I make money from affiliate marketing. That means, basically, that I help people who are looking to buy stuff find what they need, and the merchant they buy from pays me a small cut of the revenue from the sale. One of my favorite things to do in my affiliate marketing efforts is to use datafeeds from the merchants that I'm affiliated with. I get a download of their product catalog daily, or once a week, and I can pull appropriate products from the catalog to display to my site visitors. Merchants are all over the board in terms… Continue reading »

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QR Codes: I Want Them Everywhere

I'm such a Luddite! I was only vaguely aware of QR codes — Quick Response codes. I had heard of them, and I had seen them, and I knew you could somehow embed information in them. But that was the extent of my knowledge. Well, I finally read up on QR codes, and now I wish that they were ubiquitous. A QR code is a sort of two-dimensional bar code that can embed textual information, a URL, an email address, an SMS message, and other types of information directly into the code. Anyone with a smart phone that has a… Continue reading »

Resizing Windows in Lion

Apple finally gave us the ability to resize windows from any edge or corner. For years, I've wished Apple would copy Windows on that feature; resizing only from the bottom right corner is so last century. It's one of the few things — possibly the only thing — that I think Windows does better than Mac. With Lion, we finally get that ability. Now, you can grab any edge or any corner of a window and resize the window by dragging that edge or corner. And it gets even better! You can resize two opposing edges or opposing corners simultaneously… Continue reading »

How To Add An Application to Launchpad

Some of you are probably wondering, like I did, why some of your applications aren't available in Launchpad. You launch Launchpad and wonder, "Why isn't Microsoft Word showing up in Launchpad?" or "Why isn't Quicken in Launchpad?" or "Why isn't my favorite app that I keep on my Desktop not in Launchpad?" There are a variety of reasons that an app may not appear in Launchpad. Apps Outside the Applications Directory Launchpad automatically grabs all applications in your root /Applications directory and in your /User/username/Applications directory. If you keep some of your apps in other locations, they won't appear in… Continue reading »

Making Application Groups in Launchpad

Launchpad, out of the box, is a jumbled mess, and if you're anything like me, you took one look at it, panicked, and decided you never wanted to go there again. You might want to give Launchpad another look. With a little effort, you can organize things to make Launchpad work for you. One of the biggest issues is how to make groups of applications in Launchpad, or to un-group already-grouped applications. Making Groups in Launchpad Grouping applications together in Launchpad is easy. Just grab an app with your mouse cursor and drag it on top of another app. A… Continue reading »

Classic Color Meter: Replacement For DigitalColor Meter

I updated my two previous posts about the destruction of Apple's DigitalColor Meter, but I decided this is worth of post of its very own. Ricci Adams has released an app called "Classic Color Meter," a perfect drop-in replacement for the old DigitalColor Meter. It's available through Apple's App Store, and you can find more info about it here: Classic Color Meter CCM uses the exact same method of sampling a color from the screen. The exact same keyboard command to lock onto a specific pixel (command-L), and a simple command-shift-C to copy the hex value to your clipboard for… Continue reading »

Remember (Not To Text At) The Alamo

I adore a guy named Tim League. I've never met Tim; I never even heard of Tim before. But I'm about ready to load the car and take a road trip to Texas just so I can go watch a movie at his theater. Tim is the founder and CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, a "little crappy ass theater" where you can have a beer while you watch the film. The good folks at the Alamo Drafthouse actually care about your movie-watching experience, and they have strict rules about not talking or texting during a move. The… Continue reading »

My Backup System, And A Retrospect Dilemma

I've been using Retrospect for many years as a core component of my multi-layered backup plan. My normal backup plan consists of the following: Retrospect Runs automatically every day. Backs up all changed and new files to DVD. I have quite an accumulation of Retrospect backup DVDs (and CDs from years past). I back up to 2 backup sets, on alternating days. I really like knowing that I have a set of backups on removable optical media, sitting in my office supply closet, completely impervious to the worst power surge or lightning strike that a south Florida thunderstorm can throw… Continue reading » -