An Open Letter to My Senators and Congressmen And All Others Who Say “I support the Second Amendment but….”

Guns save lives. Support the Second Amendment. I implore you to truly support the Second Amendment by voting AGAINST any new "assault weapon ban," magazine limits or universal background checks. On so-called "assault weapons" and magazine limits, the federal government's own research has found no conclusive evidence that the AWB of '94 had any effect on violent crime rates. Further, the dishonesty inherent in the '94 AWB as well as current proposals for a new "assault weapon ban" rely on confusion and deception by attempting to convince Americans that the firearms to be restricted or prohibited are actually assault rifles,… Continue reading »

If You Want Me to Buy From You Again, Don’t Spam Me!

I did all my Christmas shopping online, and I'm done. Completely done. I have no intention of setting foot inside any retail establishment (other than the grocery store) until after the holidays. But now I'm getting spammed. Too many websites where I shopped automatically put me on their spam list without asking me, and have been sending me emails daily about their latest specials, new arrivals, hot products, etc. Look, I engaged in a business transaction with you. I paid you money, you sent me my merchandise. That's it; the transaction is over. I do not want to be your… Continue reading »

Setting Free The Bears

Are Hannes Graff and Siggy Javotnik running around Zanesville, Ohio, this week? In 1968, John Irving's first novel, Setting Free The Bears, was released. It was about two new friends, Siggy and Graff, traveling on a grand motorcycle tour across Austria on their way to Vienna, with the ultimate goal of liberating all the animals from the Vienna Zoo. Siggy dies on the trip, after crashing into a truck full of bee hives and being stung to death. But Graff carries on with Siggy's scheme to free the zoo animals. I haven't read the novel in years, but if I… Continue reading »

Earthlink Pisses Off a Long-Time Customer

I've had an Earthlink dial-up account since 1999. My email addresses were @mindspring, from back before Earthlink bought them out. For a long time, my dial-up service was my only means of getting online; there was no high-speed internet where I live. I got satellite internet back in around 2003, but the satellite connection was unreliable — especially all summer long here in Florida, where our daily thunderstorm activity was guaranteed to knock out my satellite internet connection. So I needed dial-up as a backup, which I used frequently. Then a few years ago, DSL came to my neighborhood, and… Continue reading »

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America’s Most Popular Rifle

Ruger 10/22 with a custom thumbhole stock, scope, and bipod The Ruger 10/22 is one of the most popular rifles in America — quite possibly the most popular rifle in America. Gun enthusiasts generally consider it to be one of the firearms that every gun owner should have. What is the mystique of the 10/22? Damned if I know. But I've been wanting one for a long time, and I finally bought one this week. Essentially, the 10/22 is a basic .22 that you can buy as a rifle or carbine (slightly shorter barrel), that comes standard with open sights,… Continue reading »

Remember (Not To Text At) The Alamo

I adore a guy named Tim League. I've never met Tim; I never even heard of Tim before. But I'm about ready to load the car and take a road trip to Texas just so I can go watch a movie at his theater. Tim is the founder and CEO of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin, a "little crappy ass theater" where you can have a beer while you watch the film. The good folks at the Alamo Drafthouse actually care about your movie-watching experience, and they have strict rules about not talking or texting during a move. The… Continue reading »

Cymbalta: There’s Just Something Wrong

I keep seeing those television commercials for Cymbalta, where they have to tell you about all the horrible possible side effects team task management app. And I keep thinking: Is it just me, or is there something seriously wrong when an anti-depressant has the side effect of increasing suicidal thoughts and behavior? If I were depressed and my doctor prescribed Cymbalta, I think I'd have to panic.… Continue reading »

Great Business Name

I was out and about the other day, and I saw a van driving around with a nice mural on the side, prominently advertising the name of the company. It was a company that does custom installs of window blinds. The company? "A Couple of Blind Guys." You gotta love America. 🙂 When I lived in Tampa, I always liked the name of a lawn care company there: Lloyds of Lawndom. Got any great business names to share?… Continue reading » -