China Is Not Your Poodle

eBay is pinning its hopes for sales on Chinese sellers. eBay has stated that it expects sales from large exporters in China to grow 30 to 40 percent annually. In efforts to firm up this expected growth, the online auction house is dedicating teams of staffers to provide customer support to sellers in China, and is also opening fulfillment centers in the U.S. to handle product inventories from sellers in China. eBay has even struck a special deal with the U.S Postal Service and China Post to help sellers in China send packages faster and at a lower cost… Continue reading »

eBay Says: Share on Facebook, But Don’t Let ‘Em Buy

eBay Makes New Rule For Facebook Sharing eBay has added a new feature for sellers: A seller can choose to have their listed items shared on their Facebook newsfeed. There's no charge for this service, and once a seller opts in to sharing, all of their listings from that point forward will be shared automatically. There's a "gotcha," though. eBay says that your Facebook friends aren't allowed to bid on your auction-style listings; they're only allowed to use Buy-It-Now (BIN). Here's the quote from eBay's help page on sharing: All selling formats are supported for sharing listings. However, if you… Continue reading »

ePN’s Funky Calendar

The eBay Partner Network must have a funky calendar. Besides their chronic lateness, they don't seem to have a handle on dates the way normal people do. There was a reporting delay (among other glitches) last month. They posted a message in our eBay Partner Network dashboard telling us that they would report our earnings on June 31. Problem is, there is no June 31. There's never a June 31. Then this week there was another delay. They posted a message on eBay's ePN forum, stating that they would get our earnings posted on July 21nd. This might be worth… Continue reading »

PayPal Greed Is Annoying

Pay With PayPal — and get strong-armed into giving up your credit card protections. PayPal's relentless efforts to trick you and intimidate you into giving up your credit card protection by paying directly out of your bank account is way too annoying. It's bad enough that PayPal will not allow me to set my credit card as my default payment option. Every time I pay for something using PayPal, I have to make sure I remember to click the tiny little "Change" link (Click #1) to change my payment source to my credit card. I then get sent to another… Continue reading » -