Can’t Get The Lion Goodness

Trying to Download the Lion Goodness

Trying to Download the Lion Goodness

Apple's new OSX "Lion" operating system is out today. And the App Store is apparently overwhelmed. My Lion download seems to be paused permanently. Also, my Pages and Numbers programs need updating, and I can't get them either.

My internet connection is plenty fast, and I can download and upload stuff to and from other sites, so I know it's not that.

Oh well, I won't panic just yet, because it doesn't really matter. I don't intend to install Lion on my main work computer anyway. It's going first on my little MacBook Pro first, so that I can play around with it and see what breaks. Only after it's at a point where nothing breaks, will I then install it on my Mac Pro, which is my primary work computer. I don't mess around with that one.

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