If You Want Me to Buy From You Again, Don’t Spam Me!

I did all my Christmas shopping online, and I'm done. Completely done. I have no intention of setting foot inside any retail establishment (other than the grocery store) until after the holidays.

But now I'm getting spammed. Too many websites where I shopped automatically put me on their spam list without asking me, and have been sending me emails daily about their latest specials, new arrivals, hot products, etc.

Look, I engaged in a business transaction with you. I paid you money, you sent me my merchandise. That's it; the transaction is over. I do not want to be your new BFF, and I do NOT want to receive daily emails from you. At the very least, have the common courtesy to give me a checkbox option at checkout to say yes or no to your spam, and if I say "No" then please honor that.

I'm making notes of the companies that are spamming me without permission, and I will never — not EVER — buy from them again.

Spammers should be subject to the death penalty.


  1. Ditto! I agree whole-heartedly.

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